10 Treatment Package


Typically, I will treat a patient a minimum of five times (including the initial session), and more often I will treat them over a period of 3-6 months in order to get optimal results–especially if our focus is healing fertility.

Healing and bringing into balance the internal and external environment of our body takes time and patience. Chinese medicine works to correct the root of the imbalance, not just the symptoms, thereby encouraging long-term health and well-being.

Given the long-term nature of my relationship to my patients, I offer follow-up treatment packages at a discounted rate:

4 Treatment Package: $300 ($75 per treatment, save $40)

10 Treatment Package: $700 ($70 per treatment, save $150)

*15 Friends & Family Package: $975 ($65 per treatment, save $300) BEST DEAL

*If you purchase a Friends & Family Package, you may share as many treatments as you like with friends and family, where 2 treatments = 1 initial treatment if they are a new patient, and 1 treatment = 1 follow-up treatment if they are an established patient. This gives them a $95 savings on an initial treatment and $20 savings on follow-ups.

Follow-up treatments typically last an hour. We will sit and talk about how you’re feeling since your previous treatment and address any improvements, changes, questions or concerns. I will adjust or continue my treatment plan and you will relax on the table with the needles in for 30 minutes. Then you will schedule your next appointment, replenish your herbs as needed, and away you go!

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I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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