6 Treatment Package


Typically, I will treat a patient four to eight times after her initial treatment to get optimal results. Unless we are addressing her fertility, in which case, I will usually treat her weekly for three consecutive menstrual cycles or approximately three months.

For this reason, I offer follow-up treatment packages at a discounted rate. You save 10% when you buy a 4 Treatment Package, 15% when you buy a 6 Treatment Package, and 20% when you buy an 8 Treatment Package (best deal).

Follow-up treatments typically last an hour. We will sit and talk about how you’re feeling since your previous treatment and address any improvements, changes, questions or concerns. I will adjust or continue my treatment plan and you will relax on the table with the needles in for 30 minutes. Then you will schedule your next appointment, replenish your herbs as needed, and away you go!

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I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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